Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer time in Fresno!! It is hot! This weekend was over 100 degrees! The neighbor invited our family to enjoy his pool while he was gone for the day! We took full advantage! Sophia loved the water!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sophia is crawling and standing!

I just can not believe how quickly the time goes! Jason and I remember just yesterday when we brought her home and we were so scared! Now we have a crazy and curious little girl that is so much fun! She is a crawling machine and she loves to pull herself up to a standing position by using her toy basket. Tyson (our dog) is annoyed by Sophia because she has begun to chase him around the house. It is quite comical at our house these days.

Christmas Time

I am a little late blogging about Christmas but in my world these days, it is better late than never!

Christmas was wonderful! Spending the holidays with both of our families is such a blessing and is always so much fun! We celebrated Christmas Eve with Jason's family and headed home on Christmas Day to host dinner with my family.

Sophia looked beautiful in her holiday dress! I can't tell you how many stores I went to in order to find red tights! What a mother will do to make sure her baby looks good! Sophia loved all of her wonderful gifts although she loved the wrapping paper even more!